How Digital Services Can Help You Bolster Workplace Productivity

As Will Durant once wrote in The Story of Philosophy: “... We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

This quote, often misattributed to Aristotle, is an excellent simplification of our ability to improve and develop through repetition. However, just as we can learn to better ourselves over time, continuing to make the same mistakes will often leave a lasting impact on personal productivity. A situation can easily befall anyone working a full-time job, as effectiveness falters against a need to reach your daily quotas before closing time.

A business owner can quickly become frustrating when he/she does not know how to get the most out of employees, especially for those that are looking to expand. Luckily, the proliferation of digital mediums has led to some truly innovative ways to boost productivity, without having a negative impact on your employees.

1. Scattershot Solutions

One major issue that can be problematic to productivity is unfocused work.

Occasionally referred to with lighter buzzwords such as “versatile role” or “engaging workload.”, however, it primarily comes down to consistent situational multitasking.

For workers, especially those in creative roles such as copywriters, content producers or editors, the focus is everything. With that in mind, attempting to take on a stream of administrative tasks in tandem with content writing and client interaction is a recipe for failure. It is just not possible for all of these tasks to be completed to the highest quality, and so a solution must be found.

2. Thinking Virtual

One possibility that has seen success with business productivity is utilising virtual offices, digital workspaces that allow companies an open way to collaborate remotely. Managers have often thought that employees that lack structure will not work to their peak potential, as the freedom offered by remote work is too easy to take advantage off. With that said, setting goals to be achieved has the same effect whether the employee is directly observed or not.

In short - The primary goal is getting the work done well, not that it was done in a cubicle.

3. CRM Software

As briefly mentioned earlier, customer interaction is an important, unavoidable part of many roles, and can be colossal detractor when it comes to workplace effectiveness. How can you be expected to focus on the tasks at hand, while also providing tech support and analytics assistance for three of your customers?

Customer Relationship Management software is a way to streamline and, at times, fully automate the client experience. These services can include:

  • Automated Emails
  • Analytics-Based on Customer Feedback
  • Sales Coordination
  • Customer Support

It allows you to free up a considerable amount of time and stress, allowing your colleagues and coworkers to handle their workloads more effectively.

The road toward business productivity is not one that needs to be taken on alone, and as an established business owner knows, those that succeed are those that take full advantage of the opportunities given to them.