Your address: Market Street, Sydney

44 Market Street, Sydney, Australia
Level 26

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First month
No Obligation

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The Virtual Office

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The Real Story on Price Regus VS Servcorp VS Address Package Example


1 Market St


44 Market St

Monthly Price
12 month term
$139.50 / Month
12 month term
$127.20/ Month
DepositActivation fee $129No deposit
Payable at sign-up


($139.50 x 2 months* + $129 deposit)


(set-up fee)

First Month FREE!

Total Spend
for 3 Months


($139.50 x 3 months + $129 deposit)


($127.20  x 2 months + $1 set-up fee)

(Prices exclude tax and are subject to change. Prices may vary depending on location and package.)
*Regus bills 2 months in advance. With a start date on the first day of the month. Upon joining, Regus will issue a pro-rated invoice for the period from the sign-up date to the end of the first calendar month.

I.T. ENABLERS - Your support team

  1. 1. Zoom,Google, Skype video conferencing made easier
  2. 2. Security advice, I.T. support
  1. 3. I.T. Helpdesk
  2. 4. Home WiFi experts

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First month free, No further obligation



The BEST flexible workspace in the world, taking into account aesthetics, WiFi capabilities, location, and community.

Navigate the coronavirus - Shared spaces cleaned every 4 hours. Social distancing enforced.

  • A prime A-Grade tower located in the West of Sydney’s CBD.
  • Landmark attractions such as Hyde Park, Westfield Shopping Centre, and SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium are just a stroll away.
  • Nearby to on-site retailers and services, including a quality café, post office, dentist, major banks, health care services and childcare centre.
  • Contains high-end occupants such as Australian Super, The Swedish Trade & Invest Council and Australia Bureau of Statistics
  • Excellent transport connections, and only a few minutes' walk from Town Hall and the Queen Victoria Building.
  • Unbeatable Coworking spaces from $308/month. Virtual Offices available from $127.20/month.
  • Impressive boardrooms, meeting rooms, exclusive pantry - premium serviced offices in Sydney
  • This could be your address
    This could be your address


  • Sydney Airport Access: 15-20 minutes taxi ride from the Airport.

  • Train station: 5 minutes walk from Town Hall Station.

  • Bus station: 5 minutes walk from the Queen Victoria Building Bus Terminal.

  • Ferry: 10-15 minutes walk to Barangaroo Wharf.

Call us +61 2 9089 8800 to book a tour now!

The Real Story on Price
Regus VS Servcorp
Address Package Example

(1 Market St, Darling Park)
(Market St)
Advertised Monthly Price$155 / Month$159/ Month
Contract Term12 months12 months
Discounted Price$139.50


+ First month FREE!


Activation Fee $129

Payable at sign-up$408
($139.50 x 2 months* + $129 deposit)


(First month Free + set-up fee → $1)
Total Spend for 3 Months$547.50 
($139.50 x 3 months + $129 deposit)
(127.20 x 2 months + $1 set-up fee)
Total Spend for 12 Months$1803$1400.20
Automatic Renewal
Cancellation Notice
All agreements will renew automatically for successive periods equal to the contract term
Up to 3 months notice***
1 month
Payment TermsPlan fee payable in advance and all services billed
in arrears. Payment via CC, transfer, Cheque
Plan fee payable in advance and all services billed
in arrears. Payment via CC, transfer, Cheque
(Prices exclude tax and are subject to change. Prices may vary depending on location and package.)
*Regus bills 2 months in advance. With a start date on the first day of the month. Upon joining, Regus will issue a pro-rated invoice for the period from the sign-up date to the end of the first calendar month.
** Regus cancellation notice: agreements over 3 months require at least 3 months' notice prior to the end of the term.

If you are to succeed
Meet, test and try! Don't buy a lie!

Ensure you protect your business by confirmation.

Ask  if they have unique-password, rocket-fast WiFi – For your security.
Ask to be connected to the internet – How long does it take? 
Ask if the provider is Tier-1.
Ask to be allowed to check download speeds.
Ask to speak to IT support: Are they in-house or a third party? Are they even in the country?
Ask to be given a phone number so you can try the service before you buy.
Ask for a phone rate card.
Ask to meet your dedicated receptionist. The receptionist is the front line of your business.
Ask about disaster transfer.
Ask if your phone extension can roam at no cost to other locations.
Ask if the wireless internet is secure.
Ask what kind of firewall can be set up for your network.
Ask to see the transparency code of the provider.
Ask if incoming callers can dial ‘1’ for voicemail to mobile.
Ask if you can get free calls equal to your connection amount.
Ask if your phone bill is 20% lower than telco rate.

All prices are exclusive of GST.

Virtual Office Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up to a Servcorp Virtual Office, you not only receive a 5-star business address to use as your own but also premium business services without the costs associated with setting up your own office.

A Virtual Office at Market Street, Sydney includes:

  • A local telephone number answered in the way you are accustomed to & transferred to your home phone, mobile or voicemail
  • Mail and courier handling for all your incoming correspondence
  • Access to our Coworking spaces for up to 3 hours per day
  • Regular social events and networking opportunities to meet other like-minded imagineers
  • Easy and convenient online booking system through Servcorp Home

With all of these services and more, you are truly setting your business up for success at Servcorp Market Street, Sydney.

As a Virtual Office client at Market Street, Sydney you have the full flexibility to access our offices when you need them whether you have a client meeting or if you need the space to bunker down on work away from distractions.

You receive exclusive access to our private offices, Coworking lounges and meeting rooms both in your home country and across our locations worldwide.

Certainly! When you select Servcorp's Address Package you have the ability to register your business to our 5-star location at Market Street, Sydney right in the heart of Sydney's prestigious central business district.

Yes, a Virtual Office is an ideal option for small business and a cost-effective solution if you are looking to lower your overhead costs. You can also avoid the risk involved with using you own personal address to register your business.

The security of a Virtual Office, the prestige of a business address at Market Street, Sydney and the convenience of having someone manage your mail are all ideal services to set your business up for success!

Unlike a traditional office where you typically pay to rent a physical office space, a Virtual Office is a flexible office solution where you can work remotely but use the address for your business collateral and as a mailing address.

In addition to the advantage of having a business address in a desirable location, Virtual Offices also offer a range of business services like mail handling, a local phone number and administrative support, which aren't usually available at all when you rent an office.

Unlike other office providers, Servcorp Market Street, Sydney does not have a limit to the number of calls and there is no monthly limit to forwarded messages to your home phone, mobile or email.