Barry | Enterprise TRL

Servcorp Coworking 

"You feel you’re a part of something bigger."

Q&A with Barry

Why did you choose Servcorp over other workspace solutions?

We tried a lot of places and the reception we got here was professional but friendly, they offered us a cup of tea and it was just a really good feeling. And I guess we felt we were in capable hands. As I say, the view has probably got to be the best view in Auckland.

There’s a real buzz about this place, there’s always people walking around and talking on the phones. For a small team, it’s great to feel you’re a part of something bigger.

What was your first impression of Servcorp?

It’s a prestigious building so it gives us the halo effect of being in that prestigious building and when people come up here their eyes pop and they all want to work here.

Why did you choose Servcorp over traditional space?

Why do you want to pay for a boardroom? Why do you want to pay for all of the things you use very very occasionally? It’s economical and it fits the size of the business, it’s flexible!

Would you recommend Servcorp to others?
If you’re a small business and you want to feel like a part of something bigger then Servcorp offers that because there’s after-hours drinks, there’s regular events that are happening, which are so interesting. I can’t imagine what more you would want from a business and I could never ever consider going back to having my own office.