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Servcorp Virtual Office

"Cost-effective way to have a world-class office space"

Q&A with Drew

How has Servcorp helped your business?

I used to go to the US very regularly so we have an office over there but any time I came back to New Zealand for 2 or 3 months, I would be working from home. So it’s given me a place where I can not only have a beautiful environment to work from with one of the best views in Auckland but also allowed me to be part of a network of all the other different business professionals here.

Even though it’s still only me over here in my satellite office, I get to connect with a lot of people and there are several clients actually that I’ve got just from that activity of being around the office because there are a lot of other ambitious business professionals.

Directly it’s impacted my business because I have new clients which I was not expecting. Sometimes I will have clients or prospective clients who will come up to meet me up here at PWC and one of the beauties of having the agreement that I have with Servcorp with the Virtual Office is that they act just like my team. They will greet my clients, get them a cup of coffee and actually take care of them just like if I had a proper office.

What advice would you give to other businesses in a similar situation to yours?

Every Friday we have happy hour. A lot of the community here come and participate and I’ve made some now really long lasting relationships. You’re kind of robbing yourself if you’re just stuck at home on your own and you’re not getting the opportunity to be with all those kinds of people that might help you.

Have you experienced other shared workspace providers?

I’ve been to a couple of different Coworking spaces and they were just very hip and cool, table tennis tables and all that kind of fun stuff but they were very distracting and sometimes I even thought to myself.. I don’t know if anyone’s even getting anything done here. Whereas here it’s a nice balance; there’s the chance to connect and chat but it’s not distracting with lots of people running around the place.

Would you recommend Servcorp to others looking for a Virtual Office?

Yes I would recommend Servcorp to others looking for a virtual solution. It’s a really cost effective way to have a world-class office space. You really maximise the use of your resources by utilising a virtual office agreement.