Shane and John | Consegna

Servcorp Serviced Office 

"What I love about Servcorp is the flexibility, the locations, the people and the atmosphere."

Q&A with Shane and John

As a Servcorp office client, what do you love about Servcorp?

Shane - The thing we like most is the location; it’s really easy to visit all the client sites around the CBD that we need to get to. Whenever we bring people up into the office they’re just totally blown away.

John - What I love about Servcorp is the flexibility, the locations, the people and the atmosphere. I started the business in a number of other start up incubator hubs which were fine but it was a completely different environment; one which didn’t really allow us to focus on our work and also to have a professional level of execution with our clients.

How has Servcorp helped with your business growth?

John - Servcorp has helped with our business growth through the flexibility and the locations. We’ve moved into the Melbourne office in Williams Street and we’ve also got a presence in Wellington. So Servcorp allows us to flex in and out of those locations as we build.

Shane - For expanding businesses like ours, that access to overseas locations, that’s definitely a bonus.

John - The reception staff, the executive leadership team that I’ve met, all the way across the organisation to the IT staff have been fantastic and have managed to deal with trickier requests that we’ve made because of our professional business operations.

Would you recommend Servcorp?

Shane - We absolutely would recommend Servcorp to others. The standard of the office spaces themselves are exceptional and the staff are very friendly and accommodating.

John - For me it feels like the same culture that we want to embrace within a startup but with a professional and executive edge, which is fantastic. And the staff absolutely implore that.