Shane | Consegna

Servcorp Coworking

"Extremely friendly and accommodating"

Q&A with Shane

What do you like about your Servcorp office?

The thing we like most is the location; it’s really easy to visit all the client sites around the CBD that we need to get to. Whenever we bring people up into the office they’re just totally blown away. 

Has Servcorp helped with Consegna’s business growth?

Servcorp has definitely helped with Consegna’s business growth. As we rapidly grew out of New Zealand we needed a space with offices in CBDs like Melbourne and Sydney. Servcorp was one of the few options that made that available.

Is the Servcorp team helpful for your business?

We find the staff members at Servcorp extremely friendly and accommodating.

How do other shared workspace providers compare to Servcorp?

Considering the other locations that Consegna has been to as we started the business, they had a bit more of a funky dynamic, it just wasn’t the right fit for us. We found that Servcorp offered a much more professional environment for us to work in. Also things like having private booths to make private phone calls was a big bonus.

Would you recommend Servcorp and why?

We absolutely would recommend Servcorp to others. The standard of the office spaces themselves are exceptional and the staff are very friendly and accommodating.

For expanding businesses like ours, that access to overseas locations, that’s definitely a bonus. Particularly with staff that are travelling to client locations, they can book a desk in the local Servcorp office so that for us is a massive strength of the offering.